As a young and energetic team we’re always striving to implement the latest technology developments while ensuring that our clients benefit from cutting edge technology practices.
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Founded in 2008

Mildly Classic, headquartered in Bangalore specialises in building well thought out, reliable and easy to use ERP solutions, IOS and Android apps as well as front end and back end Ecommerce solutions.

Most Successfull Projects

Our software products process over 10k transactions per day. We power secure logistics tracking, order management and invoicing functions as well. Our software services will help you reduce manpower costs and make existing processes more efficient.

Skills Improvement

Our goal is to enhance the wealth generating capability of your enterprise in a globalizing environment by exhibiting efficiency and adopting the ‘the best is just the starting line’ methodology in our work. A relentlessly excellence driven work ethic makes us the enemy of the mediocre.



Secure Logistics

End to end logistics platform, that is closely integrated with the company process.

E-Commerce Applications

We create and implement end-to-end e-commerce solutions that are integrated with your business also believe in timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions along with consistency and premium quality

Order Management

Order processing and management systems that help smooth flow of sales and orders eliminating errors in orders processing and invoice generation.

ERP Solutions

We offer to organizations an end-to-end solution providing the right design and implimentation from start to finsh. petty cash managment, SAP integration, Human resource planning. Customer relationship.

We are awsome at
  • Customer Care Managment Solutions
  • News and Job Portals
  • Sales and Finance Applications
  • Business Analytics

Mobile Apps

Beautiful, elegant and user friendly mobile applications.


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